Talena Sanders
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From peoples of Australia, India, and Guatemala to club-goers, brotherhoods of unemployed men, and black biker gangs in North Carolina, Talena Sanders' anthro-documentary practice spans the globe. At every step along the way, she employs photo, audio, video, and a crucial dose of social practice to explore the ways individuals express personal and collective identity. In the process, mining the continual navigation between subjective expression and larger socio-cultural norms, she turns the camera on everyone - including herself...Sanders builds bridges by and through the lens - creating intimate portraits of subcultures unknown to her. In this context, she is captivated by the way ideals of authenticity, desire, and the self (in that respective group) are transmitted through visual cues such as appearance and dress. With every added portrait in this ongoing enterprise, Sanders creates a humble, but poignant map of social organization.

-Steven Matijcio
Curator of Contemporary Art
Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati

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