Talena Sanders
Constructing Zion (Augmented Reality)Constructing Zion (Augmented Reality)View of map for installation at University of UtahView of map for installation at University of Utah
Constructing Zion (Augmented Reality version)
Land use decisions reflect doctrine in the Colorado City/Hildale Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) sect community.

Throughout 2012, I traveled to Colorado City/Hildale documenting visual evidence of polygamy and fundamentalist Mormon doctrine in the landscape. I am creating a folio of images with personal essays about the fieldwork experience, and an epistolary photo essay book about their prophet, Warren Jeffs.
These images are from an augmented reality work, re-constructing the towns of Colorado City/Hildale for augmented reality experiences in other cities to allow audience access to a relatively closed community.

Open Engagement, Portland State University (2013)
Sunstone Symposium, University of Utah (2012)