Talena Sanders
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Dressed In White

Performance, installation, sculpture; composed of four Mormon wedding dresses and temple gowns, hand-sewn, salt from Bonneville Salt Flats (Utah), seam ripper, scissors, mallet, nails, Mormon temple garments

This endurance performance explored the textiles imbued with meaning through Mormon marriage rituals. A hand-sewn sculptural object composed of four Mormon gowns used in temple marriage rites was deconstructed dress by dress, and then further deconstructed to raw materials over the course of the exhibition. Each dress was deconstructed while on my body, revealing a set of Mormon temple garments underneath. The revelation of the infamous “Mormon magic underwear” demystifies a source of public titillation, while approaching the profame in disclosing something held so sacred to the faithful. Raw materials of the dresses will be utilized to create a contact printed 16mm film and Rayogram still images to complete the work in 2015.

Exhibition: Wilford Woodruff, Sr. Collection of Curiosities, March 22 - April 14, 2013, Power Plant Gallery, Durham, NC