Talena Sanders
Keep SweetKeep SweetKeep Sweet
Keep Sweet
First performance:
Wilford Woodruff Collection of Curiosities
Power Plant Gallery
Durham, NC
March 22, 2013

Instructions for performers:

Please arrive by 5:30 PM at the latest
The performance ends at 7:00 PM - please plan to exit around then.

How you will look

Your hair in a French braid at minimum, it would be wonderful if you can make a bouffant in the front, but not every one can do this (not even the FLDS). Please see photos for other hair ideas – if you find one that suits you better, or if you know how to do other fancy braids, please feel free to improvise.

No make up. No jewelry.

Shoes: tennis shoes are most accurate.
Jacket, if needed: they often wear performance fleece type vests and jackets, but if you don’t have anything like this, just try to avoid anything that is overtly contemporary/trendy.
Purse/bag: small, not overtly trendy, or shopping type bag

How you perform

If you would like to walk around in the exhibition and talk with people before, please do. There is a bathroom for changing clothes, but please do so quickly and discreetly.
You can also choose to arrive already dressed and performing.

Please be ready to perform at 5:45.

Once you are in FLDS dress, you do not speak to any one. You may say a very quiet hello at most.

Simply circulate in the space. You may choose to rest, stay in one place, look at the work in the space, or not.

You may use your cell phone as often as you’d like for texting, but please try not to make calls.

Your interactions

Hostility; a glare, a look of judgement, a cold shoulder
Curiosity; check to see if any one else is looking, and give a shy smile
Or ignore people. If someone addresses you, employ one of these interactions, but do not respond.

You don’t trust the intentions of any one around you who is not from your community. You are also somewhat afraid of them, as they are potentially dangerous to the salvation of your soul. Steer wide of them. But like anything forbidden, it’s hard to deny the desire to know about them.

If you do meet with another performer, you can join and walk around together, and speak in whispers, keeping your conversations shielded from the outsiders around you.